Newtest Alerting Module (‘NAM’) becomes a core module of Newtest Enterprise Portal

October 23 2019 By Posted in Product News
Alert fatigue is a well-known problem in the control room where too many monitoring systems too often send alerts that are not always relevant or lack the necessary high-level aggregation.


Newtest is one of the key monitoring technologies for modern Operations Teams when it comes to application performance measurements. As such, we, at ip-label had to make sure that Newtest alerts would not contribute to these common ‘alert thunderstorms’.

Newtest Alerting Module (‘NAM’) was designed with this specific purpose in mind to provide smart, relevant alerts. Because smart alerting is a ‘must’ for Newtest overall experience, we decided that all Newtest customers should benefit from this unique technology. Therefore, starting with NEP 4.1, all NEP licenses will include a NAM license.

As a NEP customer, you will be able to enjoy NAM advanced alerting as early as January, by updating to version 4.1.
Try it and see for yourself!
•    NAM can generate single alerts from multiple robots.
•    NAM handles escalations for smooth communication across support levels.
•    For the most adventurous, NAM can correlate third party content as an alert trigger or value.


Just imagine how many noisy alerts you can shut down when you combine Newtest data from multiple robots, define a consistent escalation process, and correlate with audience figures or network latencies!


Still not sure? Simply reach out to your sales contact and arrange a private demo or request more information.


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