Newtest Mobile with Robot 8.1

November 21 2018 By Posted in Product News

With the forthcoming version of Robot 8.1, ip-label is making its new mobile server (AMS= Active Mobile Server) available to Newtest users.


This server is already in production for Datametrie SaaS, and can also manage the following devices:
•    Android (physical or virtual)
•    iOS (physical only)

Newtest Robot is built on a new Active Mobile Client (AMC) which makes it possible to connect to the telephone in a controlled way, in other words, by checking internet connectivity before starting a test.

Below is a diagram of how the AMC client/AMS server operate:
Schéma fonctionnement client AMC

Remote control of the phone via the AMC is done with the existing Newtest image check and keyboard input functions. New Newtest primitives are additionally available with Robot 8.1 to start up an application, return to the main page, etc.

The AMS server provides visualization of connected devices:
Serveur AMS

The hardware configuration of the server depends on the target environment:
–    for iOS: a physical server running MacOS must be deployed (for example Mac mini supporting up to 6 telephones simultaneously)
–    for Android: a server running MacOS, Linux server, or Windows server may be used.

In the end, to plan the architecture of the solution, iOS monitoring is the determinant factor:
–    If you want iOS, a physical server running MacOS will have to be deployed. Then it would be beneficial enable sharing in order to connect Android telephones.
–    If you want only Android, the AMS server can be deployed on a Linux or Windows server. Note that with Android, a virtual Android emulator can be connected instead of a physical terminal for a 100% virtualized architecture.


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