Newtest now integrates 2 new plugins for Splunk & Nagios

October 18 2019 By Posted in Product News
Newtest2Splunk and Newtest2Nagios, for ready-made integration of Newtest data into your current systems monitoring.




Splunk is a world leader in log analysis from a variety of sources for IT Ops & Security purposes. By design, Splunk focuses on internal network and server data but misses the application layer view. Hence, Splunk diagnostics are limited to technical data and miss the end-to-end customer and business impacts.



NagiosNagios is a well-known open source solution for network and component monitoring. Nagios focuses on internal network and server data but misses the application layer view. Hence, Nagios alerts are limited to technical failures and fail to see the end-to-end customer and business downtimes.



newtestNewtest is a unique source of information when it comes to performance analytics or troubleshooting application crashes. Adding Newtest to your existing Splunk or Nagios installation greatly enhances traditional IT Ops analysis, providing unique correlation between network and application layers and relating components incidents to customer experience lows.


These Splunk and Nagios integrations are part of the standard Newtest package. To take advantage of them, all you have to do is connect Newtest to the selected product. There are two ways to do this. If you have the necessary skills in house, you can make the connection yourself between Newtest and Splunk or Newtest and Nagios. Otherwise, if you do not already have the know-how for the integration, you can call on our consultants for an integration tailored to your needs.


Want to know more? Simply reach out to your sales contact and arrange a private demo or request more information.



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