Newtest Portal new features: Newtest Gateway

November 07 2015 By Posted in Product News

Newtest Collector is the component of the Newtest Enterprise Portal (NEP) suite that handles the transfer of robot data located outside of the LAN (or VLAN) whose security rules do not allow incoming connections to the NMC server. The component thus plays the part of a collection server from which NMC retrieves robot data.


Newtest Gateway replaces Newtest Collector

  • Communications are now secure between the NMC server and the Newtest Gateway component. This new feature is made possible by the way Newtest v3 suite components are handled – they transit solely through the NRM (Newtest Remote Management) service. It is worth noting that communications between the robots and Newtest Gateway have been simplified, and are all secure on our proprietary STCPIP protocol (128 bit RSA key).
  • Data pooling is continuous, i.e. persistent, between the NMC server and Newtest Gateway: as long as there are data to be retrieved, the server will automatically query the Gateway server without interruption, block after block. Otherwise (when there is no data) the NMC server will connect at a minimum frequency to check for the presence of new data to retrieve.

The diagram below is a synopsis of how network communications operate, with both Newtest Collector and Newtest Gateway:


Newtest Gateway
To summarize, the improvements that Newtest Gateway delivers are designed to:

  • simplify and secure network traffic
  • standardize the technical platform of NEP solution components
  • accelerate data transfer from robots to the NMC console. Among the direct results for the user are a speedier display time for scenario status, faster distribution of configurations, etc.



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