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May 16 2016 By Posted in Product News

If you are a Newtest customer and you wish to optimize use of the solution (monitoring and analysis of performance issues in your critical applications) in order to concentrate on your business, then this topic is of interest to you.

We have seen that our Newtest customers wish to benefit fully from the many possibilities the solution has to offer (24/7 monitoring, diagnostics, alerts, SLA reporting & follow-up, etc) while minimizing operation time. However, in a general context of cost-cutting, some customers cannot always mobilize the resources to maintain the platform in good working order or conduct analysis of measurement results.

With this in mind, ip-label has developed a new offer to help customers like these to benefit from Newtest advantages without worrying about the technical aspects of operation and updating scripts. The rationale is that ip-label will “share” its best specialists with its customers.

The new offer fittingly has been dubbed “Newtest as a Service”, as it is the Newtest offer in SaaS format. The idea is to provide a Newtest server, hosted by ip-label and shared by a number of customers. This Newtest server is connected to the robots which continue to operate at each customer’s site(s).

Depending on your needs, ip-label can take charge of all or part of maintaining the Newtest solution in good working order, from the server platform to developing and stabilizing scenarios. Newtest as a Service customers can therefore rely on top ip-label specialists to ensure that the platform is running smoothly (monitoring and analysis of performance issues in your critical applications), in order to concentrate on their own core business. In this way you can take advantage of a high-performance Newtest platform, up-to-date with the latest versions and all of the available options (DRP, etc.) without having to mobilize your own staff.

You also have the possibility of creating custom tailored reports with ip-label’s Dataviz offer, which can be combined with Newtest as a Service.


Newtest SaaS


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