Newtest V3 upgrade

February 10 2015 By Posted in Product News

Why you should upgrade to the new version

You will be able to take advantage of the latest major developments in our Newtest solution, including:

  • an improved interface
  • easier administration
  • new modular architecture


Improved GUI

The interface has been enriched with a number of key functionalities to make it easier for operators to use the solution. Among the new features:

  • Sending of grouped commands: by creating your own list by business, location, or custom group. Grouped actions enable you to administer a set of scenarios all at once.
Newtest command
  • User preferences: to make your interface experience more user friendly, you will have a choice of home page and user preferences in terms of filter selection (selection of filter menus or monitoring-related preferences, etc.), and the possibility of copying these user preferences to other users.
  • In the Alarm Routing Center: this is a major evolution; it is now possible to call a binary, in addition to e-mailing and sending of SNMP traps.


Easier administration

The NEP also offers streamlined administration with:

  • Configuration via the interface: connections to secondary servers and the choice of the execution group can now be configured for probes within the interface.
    Newtest Configuration
  • Tracking of user actions: you now have full visibility of users and their actions on your server (with filtering by type of action, by user, etc.).
  • One-by-one exclusion of executions from diagnostics or measurements: you can single out records for exclusion or create exclusion ranges within the ‘Diagnostics’ or ‘Measurements’ pages.
  • Measurement-to-measurement comparisons: it is now possible to select between 1 and n scenarios to compare response times by superimposing charts (e.g. numeric data).
  • Trends: a new link to reports in the NBI module allows you to call up trend charts/tables related to the context of the instance being viewed in NMC.




Modular architecture

The new architecture offers a great many possibilities: logic modules have their own functions and may be physically separate or grouped together by physical host (scalability).

The coherence of the set of these modules is ensured by an overseeing administration module (the CORE module) and a module (REFERENCE module) for synchronizing reference data between modules which need to be in sync.

Each module is independent of the others, and can achieve the required level of complexity. The development and validation phases are thus streamlined, and updates can be implemented independently.


Newtest Architecture

New modular architecture


New server monitoring client

The new client provides remote monitoring right on the server, with the opening of the NMR service port for access to all information.

Newtest Server

Server monitoring clients


How to upgrade to the new version of Newtest

An audit is recommended prior to any upgrade. An ip-label specialist will assess the state of your information system before proceeding with the upgrade.

Your system must fulfill a number of requirements such as:

  • an eligible OS version: Windows server 2008 R2 64 bits Standard (or higher)
  • an embedded SQL server engine: Windows SQL Server 2008 R2 64 bits
  • an eligible version of Newtest: NEP 221 CU11 or higher

For further information about this new version and how to get ready to upgrade without stress, please contact us at:


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