Orange delivers 4G coverage at 50Mbps on the Paris-Lyon line at 300km/h!

February 03 2016 By Posted in Expertise

4G on the Paris-Lyon high-speed railway

We recently discovered that the operator Orange has deployed its 4G network on almost the entire Paris-Lyon TGV high-speed railway.  This is what was demonstrated by our recent experiments within the framework of the Platform Of Quality Evaluation for MObile Networks project. This collaborative project, supported by the Ile-de-France region, BPI France, and Systematic, aims to elaborate a reference system for measuring mobile services and networks. One of our recent measurement campaigns, conducted in conjunction with HEC, another project participant, singled out the performance of Orange’s network on this strategic line. Over 16,000 measurements were collected on the network of this historical operator alone, making it possible for us to analyze very precisely all of the technical parameters of the infrastructure Orange implemented.


Fig.1 4g map of Orange 4G measurements along the Paris-Lyon railway

At the Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris, download speeds of 140 Mbps and upload speeds of 39 Mbps were recorded.


fig.2 Measurements at the Gare de Lyon in Paris

Furthermore, speeds of 49 Mbps were measured for downloading, and 16 Mbps for uploading, with latency of 79ms while moving at 300km/h near Saulieu, in the Morvan regional park. There is no need to state that such speeds mean fluid access to practically all internet services.



fig.3 On-the-go measurements, Morvan regional park


Let’s hope that further initiatives on this scale will follow, to bring better quality of experience to web users across the entire rail transport network.

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