RUM BI for business applications

June 29 2016 By Posted in Product News

Use of the RUM BI tracer for enterprise portals or web business applications is not well known, but is entirely possible both for SaaS versions and Office 365 through various content customization mechanisms.

  • In Sharepoint 2013, the ‘Add-ins’ and ‘Web Parts’ let you add the JavaScript code, the ip-label RUM BI tracer which captures loading time on user devices










  • For Office 365, you have to build Office add-ins. With the Napa development tool, you can create Office add-ins right in a browser window. Details are available at this MSDN link:
  • For ERPs, such as CRM Dynamics 2016 (version, for instance, it is often possible to add custom modules, including in SaaS operating mode.


To integrate a script (JScript), add it to Web resources:

Real User Monitoring









Next define the type of web resource (JScript), and using the text editor insert the code:

Real User










When the script is saved, you must integrate it and call the function in a form. In the example below, in a form called ‘Compte’:

Real User Monitoring BI







Next configure the ‘Onload’ event to call function






Furthermore, for consumer sites, adding the RUM BI tag is now possible using the solution ‘Tag Commander’ which provides a service for dynamic addition of external tags.

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