Sogeti Belux at ip-label’s Partners Days 2019

February 06 2019 By Posted in Expertise

ip-label’s Partners Days 2019, three days of talks and workshops on January 23rd, 24th, and 25th, gave participants a release preview of version 4 and what’s new with Newtest. At the end of the day on Thursday, as a prelude to a pleasant evening at the Baden Baden casino in Germany, Sylvie Prime, Operations Manager at Sogeti Luxembourg, stepped up to address ip-label’s leading partners.



Newtest as a Service, a robust solution to meet the needs of Sogeti Luxembourg

Sylvie Prime spoke about the value of assisting customers who wish to outsource monitoring of their digital services. Newtest as a Service (NaaS) offers many benefits:

  • real-time 24/7 monitoring
  • the widest coverage of applications in the market: thick client, RDS thin client, Citrix, VDI virtual desktop infrastructure, mobile applications, and web client
  • an offer in phase with market demand and the trend among enterprises to outsource non-core activities to center on their core business, facilitated by ip-label’s flexible “OPEX/CAPEX mix” sales model.

« Thanks to our around-the-clock monitoring teams, our customers’ critical digital services are under control, enabling them to free up internal resources and concentrate on their core business,»  explains Sylvie Prime.


A flexible sales model to match the customer’s situation

The Newtest as a Service model offers a number of advantages:

  • streamlining of costs : the customer benefits from Newtest’s central infrastructure hosted by Sogeti
  • industrialization of processes : in addition to the infrastructure that it provides to all NaaS customers in common, Sogeti has a monitoring team (equipped with a wide spectrum of monitoring tools) to keep close watch over its customers’ digital services 24/7
  • Sogeti Luxembourg’s Newtest customers thus benefit from constant machine and human monitoring of their critical services. 

In her talk, Sylvie Prime highlighted the development of ip-label’s offer and how Sogeti integrates it into the services it provides in SaaS/managed service mode, in conformity with the stringent requirements of financial markets and the CSSF (the Luxembourgish financial sector regulatory commission).

Customers whose monitoring infrastructure is hosted and accessible only from their internal network are just as well served, thanks to the expertise of Sogeti’s many on-premise consultants on professional services assignments specializing in the Newtest product.

This expertise is the outcome of more than 10 years of continued cooperation between Sogeti and ip-label.

Sylvie Prime’s presentation enriched the second day of training for Newtest consultants and at the same time inaugurated an evening of fruitful exchanges between ip-label managers and partners of the ip-label software vendor.


About Sogeti Luxembourg
Sogeti Luxembourg is a leading provider of cutting-edge IT services and solutions to enterprises and organizations, specializing in application, infrastructure, and engineering services, in the public and private sectors in Belgium and Luxembourg. Sogeti Luxembourg has forged close bonds of proximity with its customers, and is further strengthened by the expertise of 25,000 professionals in the Sogeti group as a whole.


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