Testing your infrastructure and your website in a complex environment

June 22 2015 By Posted in Expertise

It is common practice to build a web site according to a responsive model, as is managing a mobile version of a web site. Pages are becoming increasingly complex and require sophisticated development of HTML code. Infrastructures are likewise affected by these evolutions, and are now hosted in the cloud. Measuring how web sites perform and their capabilities under load in this complex environment is essential for businesses that are looking to optimize their users’ experience.


Building a rich web site

What is involved in creating a website has changed a great deal. We are no longer dealing with simple HTML pages. Web sites are becoming actual applications with more and more JavaScript code running on the client side. Developing such pages has become a sophisticated exercise, with a growing number of resources and calls to external services. For these reasons load testing is needed to assess the impact of these choices on the client side and to evaluate possible optimization actions to improve the experience of your users.


Infrastructures of greater complexity

Infrastructures, too, are becoming more and more complex. They are migrating to the cloud and adjusting their capacity in real time in accordance with load levels, with the help of hybrid infrastructures consisting of a dedicated server combined with an external cloud. These real-time infrastructure adjustments also imply that fast diagnostics need to be made of the elements that are weakening your site, above and beyond simple load testing.


ip-label’s offering in step with these changes

Our Datalimit troubleshooting offer provides fast, precise analysis of anomalies in your applications. Load testing shows you the external experience, to which we add the internal view of the components of your platform. In this way, with the load simulated by the load test, we can see directly where the bottleneck is internally. Next, we can drill down if necessary right into the line of code that is causing the slowdown. This way your devops have everything they need to make the necessary fixes or optimizations.

The Datalimit Optimisation offer allows you to optimize the front end of your app by making use of load testing. An expert gives you guidance for analyzing the content of your homepage, to make sure that the latest good practices in web optimization have been applied. Thanks to these optimizations, not only will your users benefit from a better experience, but you will also potentially be able to increase the load your infrastructure can handle. To find out more, contact us.


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