The main features of Newtest Robot version 8

June 16 2018 By Posted in Product News

Newtest Robot version 8 has been available online for downloading since Q1 2018. This article summarizes the main features and upgrade principles to bear in mind.


Robot v8 new features

The generic features of the Robot v8:



  • compatibility with NEP version 3.1
  • end-to-end security, including NTBR and external robots connected to the NGW:
    • new NHTTPS protocol (TLS)
    • STCPIP: RSA key lengthened from 128 bits to 1024 bits
  • license associated with the machine name (no longer with the PCID) to facilitate deployment in certain virtualized environments
  • new tool, “Newtest Start Menu”, to centralize configuration utilities
  • new component, “Newtest Gateway” (NGW), replaces the collector for robots outside the network


Scripting and scenario features in version 8

  • new video format “Newtest Video” (NTV) suited to session mode (Windows 2012/2016)
  • new function for clicking on Windows application objects [ClickOnObject]
  • template manager to share script templates and good practices
  • IPA: IPV6 compatibility for various functions DNC/PING/FTP/etc.
  • web applications: TLS1.2 support by using [HttpRequestCurl]
  • web applications: NewtRIA wizard improved
  • new retry options: Aborted and Canceled statuses can be configured to trigger specific actions by using [SetErrorStatusHandler]


In conjunction with the version 3.1 server, likewise available since the first quarter 2018, all communications flows can be encrypted:

  • NAM (Newtest Alerting Module, optional) correlates alerts between robots and scenarios. For example, it can generate an alert when an application is unavailable on 80% of the fleet of robots.
  • Robot and NTBR flows are encrypted, either with STCPIP, or by the new NHTTPS using TLS
  • Robots located behind a collector are encrypted with TCPG (STCPIP) with Robot 8 and the Newtest Gateway (NGW)

The diagram below schematizes the flows supported in version 3.1 with Robot version 8:


Robot Newtest v8


Important – please bear in mind:

  • NEP must be upgraded to version 3.1 prior to connecting a version 8 Robot. NEP 3.1 continues to support version 7.6 Robots.
  • Starting with version 3.1 and Robot version 8, the product no longer supports historical standard HTTP (bidirectional). This means that migration to STCPIP should be carried out for any version 7.6 robots which require it prior to upgrading to version 3.1.
  • Robots behind a collector must necessarily be upgraded to version 8 when migrating the server to 3.1 so that they can support the TCPG protocol to the Newtest Gateway (NGW). This operation must be performed by a certified Newtest consultant.

Important : the release of Robot 8 means the end of support for Robot 7.5. 


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