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December 01 2014 By Posted in Expertise

ip-label takes part in the Métroscope observatory. On the 3rd of October ip-label was involved in the 4th day-long event of the Métroscope observatory in France. Métroscope’s purpose is to provide the scientific community with an instrument for observing the digital world of the internet.


By providing the tools, data, and representations of these data centered on different disciplines, Métroscope aims to improve theoretical knowledge of the internet, as well as knowledge of the operation of the French internet within its international context, with a view to improved transparency with regard to the public. Métroscope focuses on quality in terms of the performance or experience of digital services, as well as on the study of usages. It is on the theme of performance that ip-label contributed to the day with a presentation of the FUI 16 collaborative project, “Platform of Quality Evaluation for MObile Networks” (PoQEMoN). This project is also actively supported by the Systematic competitiveness cluster of the Ile-de-France region and the FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel) interministerial fund through BPI France.


The mission of this collaborative project is to work on defining a methodology for measuring the quality of mobile networks, modeling the QoE (quality of experience) of mobile services, reviewing French and European regulatory directives relative to collected data, as well as correlations between QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE, in addition to a number of mobility-related topics. ip-label’s participation in this event is first of all an opportunity to interact with the scientific community, to elicit opinions on the industrial work that we do (in collaborative projects or industrial projects), as well as the occasion to pursue our technology watch.


For example we had discussions about publications on the impact of interruptions in the playing of video streams. Another topic was the method for assessing the quality of communication on Skype telephone software depending on certain network settings. These exchanges are fundamental to our specialty. We are in a niche sector, a complex one where very often we are the ‘pioneers’ of the rest of what remains to be achieved.


We are in it for the duration by fostering this type of encounter, which enables us to discover new ways of doing things, some of which we will be able to implement in an industrial context.


William Rang, ip-label CTO

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