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October 02 2015 By Posted in Product News

Datapm is a new building block which completes ip-label’s existing offering. This offer can monitor all of your application nodes in your data center.

The agents installed on your servers collect all of the network traffic of your applications. These data are sent to the Datapm SharePath server which analyzes them and correlates them with each other. You thus gain an end-to-end view of all user transactions. The server’s web interface lets you track in real time how response times stand up to your service level agreements (SLAs).


Datapm Dashboard


ip-label recommends using Datapm in production. Because of its minimal overhead (~2%) as well as its compatibility with a wide range of technologies you can roll out the solution to all of your applications. ip-label also provides a Datapm service for auditing purposes to assist you whenever you have performance issues to resolve.

This new offer is designed mainly for IT operations teams, support teams, architects, CIOs, and related specialists. Its simple, user-friendly interface makes it intuitive for users of different backgrounds.

The benefits of this solution are many. Datapm gives you a full view of all user transactions. It provides you with the response times of every part of your application, in addition to error codes, and even the line of code in your apps that is weighing down response times.


Datacore is a targeted response to your issues because it enables you to:

  • anticipate problems (response time deteriorations, server load: capacity planning)
  • set up a precise action plan to fix problems, on the basis of meaningful diagnostics
  • provide justification to management of upgrades of CPU, RAM, disk, etc.
  • be notified in real time when performance levels drop
  • cut back considerably on the time it takes to investigate problems
  • monitor a wide range of technologies and protocols, including legacy environments such as Java 1.1, .Net1.1, and others.


Datapm Dashboard


This offer is well suited to banking/insurance environments. Its confidentiality level and data security are among Datapm’s key features. It allows you to hide all user passwords, for example, as well as credit card numbers and other sensitive data.



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