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March 25 2015 By Posted in APM

The internet public has for the most part moved from desktops to smartphones and tablets.


According to a study released by AT Internet in September 2014, usage patterns evolved as follows in the year between June 2013 and June 2014:

  • Web sites: -6.8%
  • Mobile sites: +68%
  • Mobile apps: +45%


While 61.2% of total internet traffic comes from PCs (desktop or portable), 38.7% of the web audience in France is on smartphones and tablets (eStat’Web, Médiamétrie, octobre 2014).


One in five visitors to your web site connects from a tablet.

To keep pace with these changes, ip-label is launching its offer for real-user monitoring of mobile applications. Combined with active monitoring, which for five years has featured in our catalogue, ip-label provides the most complete system on the market for both Android and iOS.

On the active side, robots control actual devices (iOS and/or Android). On the passive side, using methods based on the analysis of the real traffic generated by your users (real-user monitoring), ip-label assesses the quality of traffic as it is experienced in a mobile environment. The offer provides display of quality indicators, generation of dashboards, and issuing of alerts when the application is unavailable or performing below expectation.

Our strategy is clear. It is to bring you, our customers, a complete solution for internet/intranet monitoring using robots alongside measurement of the actual experience of 100% of the users of your web and/or mobile sites and your mobile apps. To round out these high-performing measurement tools, ip-label’s customer support service and team of consultant specialists offer in-depth assistance.

Our culture considers that the tools we supply, however efficient they may be, can go only so far. Diagnostic assistance and the advice our experts provide go hand-in-hand with our software solutions.

This dimension of guidance is the key to ensuring your continued satisfaction and loyalty.

Eric Varszegi

CEO, ip-label

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