Velocity 2015: A toolbox for performance testing and analytics

October 29 2015 By Posted in Expertise

The Velocity convention always give us a chance to discover or rediscover a whole range of free tools designed to help developers test and analyze performance. Here is a selection of some very interesting ones:


Tools for the web

For testing and debugging web sites

Fiddler is not new but it can monitor the activity of a browser independently, contrary to the development tools that are now integrated into the browser. Fiddler works for mobile traffic as well.

Tampermonkey is a JavaScript manager for Chrome, Opera and Android, which injects its own scripts into sites without requiring a proxy (injecting Boomerang, for instance). lets you test your site on old versions of Internet Explorer from IE6 to Edge of a variety of OS (from XP to Win10).

ETW (Event Tracing for Windows), xperf and the new Windows Performance Analyzer perform an analysis on Windows OS (apparently some events of Navigation Timing API s appear in the logs). ETW is found in the Windows Performance Toolkit.


For mobile web

GenyMotion, an Android emulator for testing a mobile app or mobile site.

Samsung Remote Test Lab, for testing on real devices.

Charles Proxy a proxy that supports SSL which makes it possible to analyze traffic between the browser and the servers.

Testing in conditions approximating those encountered in real life requires being able to simulate various network conditions. The tools that allow you to do so are not always well known. Here ar a few such tools:


Simulators of network conditions

Network Link Conditioner for iOS can simulate a variety of network conditions, increase latency, add packet loss, etc.

Charles Proxy, listed above, also included this functionality.

A number of other tools let you emulate real-life conditions, for instance  Clumsy for Windows, Net Limiter for Windows, SlowApp for Mac, in addition to the integrated Chrome Developer Tool.



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