Launch of Virtual Android monitoring

March 04 2019 By Posted in Product News

Over the past few years, ip-label has been providing mobile application monitoring on iPhone and Samsung Android physical devices. This type of monitoring is carried out from our datacenters in Paris and Stockholm.

In addition, to cover more geographical areas, ip-label is now offering virtual Android monitoring over the cloud, starting in March 2019.


Among the advantages of this fully virtualized monitoring solution for Android are:

– Wider geographical coverage from Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Alibaba (Aliyun) datacenters

– Enhanced reliability (no need to change battery or wi-fi connection)

– Application installation and operation identical to physical device

– Lower overhead costs

Nevertheless, the following limitations or characteristics should be kept in mind:

– SIM card and GPS not supported

– No manufacturer ‘layer’ (Samsung, Huawei): the virtualized system is a native Android (version 8 as of the date of this article)

– Virtualization is not available for iOS (iPhone)


Virtual Android monitoring can be integrated with our Datametrie and Newtest products as long as flows are authorized between a robot located on an intranet and the cloud providers mentioned above.


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