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September 27 2019 By Posted in Product News
Nowadays we are living in a ‘mobile first’ world: smartphones have become the leading device for using applications, even business apps. The DevOps revolution has totally revamped ways of developing software. Meanwhile, cloud computing has become the norm, and has imposed pay-per-use, subscriptions, and API interfaces.
Because the world is changing, your needs are changing… and our offer likewise is changing.


Datametrie is undergoing a transformation and changing its name

Datametrie Global Experience has become Datametrie Flow. Datametrie Flow is a new approach which combines the most sophisticated technological developments with adaptable, flexible business models.

Greater innovation

Datametrie Flow lets you benefit from the latest advances in IT effortlessly and intuitively.
We have introduced a first artificial intelligence algorithm for smart, transparent handling of unexpected pop-ups. Gone are the days when disruptions occurred because of GDPR windows, ads, etc.
For those of you who want to control their digital performance more closely, we offer an ‘expert’ choice among the latest Speed Index and ‘webperf’ indicators.
Diagnostics remain at the heart of the analysis function, and are being enriched with HD video for mobile test failures.

Greater choice

Datametrie Flow now natively associates desktop and mobile user journeys, not only for websites and web applications but also for native mobile apps. You thus have every possible variant of application monitoring to guide your technological choices and validate your architectures.
Datametrie Flow gives you the choice between production monitoring by itself, or in tandem with preproduction monitoring.

Greater autonomy

A re-engineered, constantly evolving API to make it easier to integrate Datametrie Flow into your production and reporting processes. This way you can build processes or offers with ‘monitoring inside’.

Greater flexibility

An open, on-demand pricing model that lets you adjust your monitoring resources in real time.

Above all, Datametrie Flow means the introduction of AI and radically enhanced analytics and diagnostics. It also means choice: subscription or pay per use, fixed and/or mobile, and support for continuous integration processes.


Want to know more? Simply reach out to your sales account manager to arrange a private demo or request information.


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