What’s new with Datametrie Mobile RIAlity

July 17 2018 By Posted in Product News

We are pleased to announce that the 4th generation Datametrie Mobile RIAlity service is available!


Datametrie RIAlity Mobile,  an integrated ‘Mobile APM’ offer

In addition to supporting iPhone 8 and Galaxy A3, this new platform brings new management functions and lets you closely follow Apple’s major releases for its iOS.


Datametrie RIAlity Mobile


One of the mobile RIAlity new features, the scenario development tool, offers remote display of the mobile telephone screen.

Datametrie RIAlity Mobile

In addition, a link to the session performance measurements conducted by the ip-label SDK (optional) lets you investigate performance problems with a view of the details of each session.

Datametrie RIAlity Mobile

This investigative capability lets you dive down more deeply into anomalies on:

  • the APIs used in the application: search, authentication, etc.
  • third party SDKs: notifications, marketing campaigns, etc.


We now propose, in this 4th generation, an integrated ‘Mobile APM’ offer for native applications to complete the RIAlity web monitoring offer.



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