Datalimit load testing

Datalimit : stress your applications to the limit

Datalimit is a load testing offer that provides you with a set of user quality of service indicators. By correlating the indicators that result from load testing, Datalimit shows you whether your application keeps its promises.

The solution is designed for all companies that have a major stakes riding on the performance of their websites and mobile, business, cloud, thick/thin client applications and the sizing of their platforms.

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Datalimit APM

Datalimit : a virtual user

Datalimit is available in license mode so that you can perform all of your user application performance testing on any type of web, business, mobile, cloud or thick/thin client applications, however complex it may be (testing is conducted over the internet). Benefits include:

  • a complete load testing solution for all types of applications
  • focused on user experience (tests can be conducted over the internet)
  • SLA-oriented feedback
  • attentive guidance from our experts
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Datalimit: a tool and a specialist to help you use it

Above and beyond the product itself, ip-label provides advise and assistance to its customers to help them make the most of their load testing tools.

Assistance is threefold:

  • training on Datalimit by our consultants (advanced scripting, etc.)
  • assistance with methodology for successful stress testing
  • implementation of tests in project mode based on your license

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