Monitor all types of applications: business, web, mobile, thick client, etc.).
Newtest end user monitoring

Measure the quality that users perceive on your critical applications

Newtest is a system that measures the quality of critical applications as perceived from the standpoint of the end user. This monitoring intranet solution offers 24/7 measurement of the availability, performance, and response times of your critical transactions.

At representative points within your company, each Newtest Robot regularly simulates business transactions, providing instant insight into the availability, response times, and performance of your critical application services.

Business case
Newtest APM

Basics of operation

Newtest unique hierarchical classification system combines your IT Applications structure with your branch office localisations.

Newtest measurements can be correlated with technical and/or business metrics to assess the impact of the infrastructure on ‘user’ quality of service or to match a deterioration in application performance with a decrease in business activity.

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Newtest monitoring critical applications


Newtest objectively measures response times and availability of any type of application, and proactively monitors critical transactions 24/7. This solution:

  • notifies you of performance degradations
  • accelerates incident detection and resolution
  • prioritizes processing of anomalies in accordance with business priorities
  • operates autonomously and is fully secured (monitoring intranet)
  • offers centralized management and administration
  • Monitors every type of application deployment: monitoring thick client, RDS client, Citrix client, virtual desktop (VDI), web client (browsers – Firefox, Chrome, IE), and more.

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