Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring

In an increasingly complex technological environment, IT departments are facing significant challenges as they deal with accelerated continuous integration processes across diverse technical environments. At the same time, users continue to expect smooth, fast service at all times, no matter what technology or devices they are using. It’s no wonder IT managers turn to Application Performance Monitoring tools to get a better handle on managing application performance.


Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Degraded response times have an immediate impact on productivity, revenues, and corporate image. How can you stay in control as application performance problems become increasingly difficult to diagnose? The purpose of our user-centric monitoring solutions for APM, Application Performance Management is to give you full visibility, with the analytics and diagnostics you need to keep control over the user’s experience of the service you deliver.

Application Performance Monitoringip-label’s complete offering and team of specialists enable enterprises to consistently deliver the best digital experience to their users and customers. The technologies we provide in our application performance monitoring software and professional services include:

  • synthetic transaction monitoring tools: on the basis of proactive synthetic monitoring, robots yield measurements of the availability and response times of your critical applications 24/7 so that you can anticipate and fix performance issues before users notice them.
  • real-user monitoring tools: non-intrusive measurement of the experience of 100% of your users to give you a more precise, real-life view of technical dimensions (devices, browser, CDN, etc.) for better business intelligence.
  • Performance testing and application performance audits: ip-label specialists can audit your application to see where you stand in terms of performance. They can also load test your apps and infrastructure to uncover their weak points, so that you can tune and scale to ensure they perform gracefully and robustly under pressure.

Business Cases 


How to monitor application performance

Guarantee optimum performance for each and every one of your users with our user-centric end-user monitoring tools, and get the performance of your critical applications under control. This is how our application performance monitoring tools help you make the most of your efforts and investments to ensure optimum performance:

  • Measure: monitor your users’ quality of experience on your critical applications and gather metrics, so that you can detect application performance trends.
  • Understand: gain insight into the application and the architecture to see the impact of errors, unavailability, and degraded application response times on the user.
  • Diagnose: pinpoint the origins of incidents with deep-dive component visibility into the code and the application’s internal operation (root cause analysis).
  • Optimize: identify the causes of incidents and set clear, objective priorities for improvement and investment.
  • Analyze: make sense of your data with analytics and reports that correlate your technical metrics with business and quality of experience indicators.