Application troubleshooting

Troubleshooting application performance issues

Quickly and easily perform root cause analysis on slow running apps

Whether the aim is to locate the origin of a incident in production or set up a continuous testing and improvement approach in the qualification phase, ip-label’s application troubleshooting solution introspects critical paths down to the line of code and the SQL request, and correlates these data with your applications’ load profile.

Application Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Application Performance

Troubleshooting applications with ip-label’s solution requires no change to the code of your applications and can be deployed in qualification or production in only a few hours.

Along with the advantage of a very low overhead (under 2%), at last you have enough relevant information to decide between optimization strategies, whether to add resources (CPU, memory, etc.), edit configurations (tuning of JBoss, Websphere, Tomcat, IIS, garbage collector, etc.), or optimize source code and SQL requests.

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Troubleshooting application performance

 Application troubleshooting & performance tuning

ip-label specialists know that each IT department is different. This is why our tool for troubleshooting application code is pragmatic, offering deep dive component monitoring. It addresses the specific app testing needs of production engineers and development teams.

The solution provides intuitive performance dashboards so that all teams involved can share their skills and work time-efficiently on resolving incidents and troubleshoot slow application performance.

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Troubleshooting APM

Full coverage of technologies

Datapm agents support all of the main application servers used in production: .Net, Java, PHP. Each agent dives deep into the code to identify the root causes of slow application performance. ESB connectors (Tibco, Tuxedo, etc.) or dedicated database collectors (OCI, etc.) are also available.

End-to-end vision

To trace how a request runs within your architecture from end-to-end, Datapm assembles and correlates events from various servers (front-end servers, application servers, and others). This deep-dive approach lets you visualize how each component affects performance, to better target where and how to troubleshoot slow running applications.

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