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Monitoring your connected services

The internet of things is becoming the third wave of internet development.

These things can communicate with each other, exchange information, and analyze the data they receive. The scope is vast: all types of physical objects may be involved, everyday things in addition to machinery and industrial equipment.

All along the way to ‘all connectedness’,  how can we ensure that these things live up to expectation? In other words, how can we guarantee that the user’s experience is positive? 

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User quality of experience matters to car makers

Automobile manufacturers have already put millions of connected cars into circulation. Some functions alert the driver to the need for vehicle maintenance work and give directions on how to reach the destination.

Facilitated maintenance, and soon remote diagnostics or even telemaintenance are the next steps. How can you ensure that these services operate correctly?

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Internet of things APM

What will the impact be on quality of service?

New usages are everywhere: from remote-controlled water and feed distributors for livestock, to intelligent televisions and the new generation of refrigerators that update your shopping list, as well as home automation devices that control the temperature and people’s safety.

How can you ensure that these services operate correctly?


The new digital revolution

Mobile payment, work spaces, social networks, education, devices for professionals (businesses, banks, etc.) that can geolocate customers and provide customized information (for instance, promotional ads in a store close by).

Networked digital technologies also come to the aid of the health sector, for example hospital admissions and follow-up, remote diagnostics in emergencies, and more.

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Internet of things APM

 Our solutions measure YOUR users’ quality of experience

With ip-label solutions you can measure their experience using sensors attached to clothing, cars, and electricity meters, for example, and then collect all of these data and correlate them with business metrics to define indicators for monitoring in accordance with the SLAs that bind the various participants in the chain.


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