Monitoring mobile applications

Mobile app performance monitoring

Measure the quality of experience delivered by your mobile apps

Quality of experience is paramount: a negative user experience can hurt your mobile app (uninstall, disuse, etc.), your brand image, and your business too (star ratings and comments by App Store users, loss of revenues and/or productivity, and so on). How can you monitor mobile applications in an increasingly complex IT and user context (multiple devices, multiple OS, multiple networks, etc.)?

Our Mobile APM solution is designed to monitor mobile application performance and measures real user QoE throughout your app’s lifecycle. It shows how your app scores.

Mobile APM

Mobile application monitoring to evaluate user experience

Mobile APM, a complete mobile application performance monitoring solution combines two key components:

  • Synthetic Monitoring (active monitoring): on real devices (iOS, Android), to monitor a critical user journey 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Real-User Mobile Monitoring: an agent is embedded in your mobile application (iOS or Android SDK) to provide comprehensive coverage of mobile devices and usage cases.

In addition to monitoring mobile apps, ip-label measurement robot address the need for testing mobile networks.  Our Robots are available for installation on market-standard devices to perform cost-effective performance audits. Results are then displayed on Dataviz.

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Mobile application monitoring

Monitoring mobile app performance round the clock

Test the availability of your mobile apps in a controlled context 24/7.  Synthetic Monitoring is performed by navigating on Apple (iPhone/iPad) or Android devices emulating user behavior on a critical journey: opening the application, logging on with keyboard input, search actions, browsing, swipe navigation (down, right, left), etc.
Mobile application KPIs are returned for each action, in addition to a screen and network capture whenever an error occurs, and an alert is generated if an incident occurs. Combined with metrics from mobile real-user monitoring (RUM), the diagnostics ip-label supplies are the richest on the market.

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Mobile applications APM

Insights into the experience of each mobile real user

Real-user monitoring of your mobile applications. By implementing ip-label’s mobile APM library, also called SDK (Software Development Kit), you dive deep into the internal workings of your application to observe how it behaves in real-life situations. The real-user app performance metrics gathered from actual usage cab be delivered on ‘native’ screens or via ‘webviews’.

Breaking open the application black box, ip-label’s SDK also provides visibility into the operation of your app’s calls to third-party services (web services, etc).

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Monitor mobile network coverage

To check the quality of coverage in mobile situations (subsidiaries, in cars, and so on), ip-label offers two types of Mobile APM software:

  • Crowdsourcing based on simple downloading tests. The application which conducts this kind of mobile network performance testing is published on Google and Apple stores for mass market distribution.
  • A measurement robot embedded within your mobile app tests your business’s target servers and usage cases. This robot is designed to be installed in real-user devices, for example those of your coworkers or ip-label consultants.  Embedded measurement robots allow for fine configuration of targets and test types, and maintaining collection on an SaaS platform managed by ip-label.

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