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Video & Voice application monitoring

Make sure your voice and video applications perform smoothly

Right from the start, ip-label has been developing solutions for monitoring the performance of voice applications (IVR, call center, business telephony) and monitoring video applications (video on demand/VoD, IPTV, broadcasts, over-the-top streaming) by continuously adapting to the technologies and protocols that underlie new multimedia usages.

Our offering for video and voice performance monitoring measures the user-perceived quality of streaming media, voice applications, telephone systems, and video applications, so you know how they are performing for subscribers and end users.

Voice Monitoring

Track the performance of voice and  telephone services (VoIP/ToIP)

Our quality baseline for telephone communications allows objective evaluation of transmission quality, perceptual speech quality, and call connection as they are perceived by customers of call centers or contact centers, end users of business telephone systems, and OTT voice call service users. Telephony performance monitoring ensures project success by providing technical metrics and KPIs for insights that benefit each phase of the project:

  • In the study phase: compare and select suppliers or service providers, and justify your choices internally by demonstrating the profitability of the project (SLA monitoring with their partners).
  • In the pilot phase: optimize the performance of systems/services prior to roll out.
  • In the production phase: to keep an eye on quality and make reliable, incontrovertible diagnostics of malfunctions.

The VoIP monitoring tool’s alerting and reporting functionalities help you to be proactive in dealing with perceptual quality issues, and report on the progress and improvements made.

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Multimedia applications APM

Impartial, independent perceptual  speech quality measurement

Our specialists provide guidance during every phase of your migration of your business telephone system, with continuous, real-time voice quality measurement and monitoring to boost ROI and contain the risks of the project.

  • a multiple network quality reference: IP/TDM/GSM and 4G/VoLTE
  • an end-to-end quality baseline for incoming, outbound, intra-site and inter-site calls
  • validation of the accessibility and quality of IVR servers and call centers

The measurements provided by ip-label’s real-time VoIP monitoring solution can be integrated with other corporate information sources to achieve seamless data-telephony convergence. Performance trends can be identified and cross-checked to make sure business telephone users enjoy reliable service on your system. Monitoring IVR ensures that user journeys remain smooth and clear for call center customers by alerting you to any issues that may arise.

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Monitoring streaming

Measure the quality perceived by video and television viewers

ip-label’s expertise in measuring the quality of video over IP helps ISPs, television stations, and OTT video distributors to improve the quality and availability of their digital transmissions: web streaming services (HLS, HDS, etc.), video-on-demand via a set-top box (HD, UHD/4K), or distribution via an OTT desktop of mobile client.

ip-label implements no-reference MOS estimates to evaluate video quality. These methods are designed to assess the quality of the entire digital delivery infrastructure: quality of video sources and encoding/translation of transmissions, OTT application performance, quality of the transmission network and decoding, etc.

Perceptual quality is quantified through analysis of a variety of video quality metrics, including channel availability and accessibility, frozen image rate (freeze), momentary and permanent freezes, and many others. The results are displayed in easy-to-read dashboards provided by ip-label’s reporting tool.

ISPs rely on our monitoring solutions to measure the quality perceived by video viewers and television subscribers to optimize infrastructures and models of set-top box so they can deliver the best VoD and IPTV quality of experience.

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