monitoring websites

Monitoring web applications and websites

Web monitoring measures the services you deliver to your users so that you can set optimization targets to:
  • enhance loyalty among existing customers and win new ones over
  • increase your teams’ productivity and the efficiency of your business
  • secure and amplify your online revenues
  • boost the image of your company and brand.

Monitoring web applications and websites provide you with key insights into manage and improve overall performance.

Web application Monitoring

Monitoring web applications and websites to improve user experience

Our APM tools and web monitoring solutions test availability and response times of your web applications and websites from the user perspective. Measurements can be conducted in real time, in development and production, whatever the web technology, regardless of the complexity of the website or web app.

ip-label solutions for web applications and services measure the quality of experience delivered to your web users, whether they are connected via the internet or an intranet. The advantage to ip-label web monitoring tools is that they measure the end user’s experience in two ways:

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Monitoring Web apps

Website monitoring to measure app performance

Our web monitoring tools measure the quality of experience delivered to the users of your web applications and websites:

  • public websites via a home page or a typical user transaction (navigation, search, order entry, checkout, etc.),
  • mobile website or apps,
  • in-house web applications (extranet, intranet) or third-party applications
  • API services (SOAP, REST)
  • streaming transmissions (Flash, Windows Media, iPhone, HTTP, live streaming, etc.)

Monitoring web applications and websites, along with APIs and third-party content, lets you know how well they are serving your users. Should they fall short of quality targets, alerts automatically notify your staff in real time. You are immediately aware of any problems in your web-based services and web-enabled applications (Citrix).

In addition to real-time alerting, ip-label web performance measurement tools provide availability and response time metrics to show you where you stand. In turn, this shows you how far you need to go to optimize quality of experience on your website or web apps. Indicators can be displayed in intuitive reports according to where your web audiences are located (served by a CDN, for example) and how well your services perform for them.

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Web application analysis

Detailed diagnostics for better, faster web apps and websites

In an ever-changing, highly complex web environment, web monitoring tools help you identify the origin of incidents and diagnose problems. Web monitoring measures the performance of all web-based services (APIs, CDNs, ads and other third-party content, etc.). It also covers the performance of all web technologies, including those deployed in user interactivity, HTML 5, responsive web design, and mobile compatibility.

The resulting metrics are the basis for in-depth diagnostic analysis of:

  • the impact of dynamic and rich HTML content (Ajax, JavaScript, Flash, etc.)
  • the improvements brought about by distributed cache content (CDN)
  • how third-party content affects your pages (links to social networks, marketing affiliation, advertising, etc.)
  • how poor performance affects your audience, your conversion rate, or your SEO ranking

Diagnostics help you distinguish the connectivity issues, content errors, and/or unoptimized design that underlie performance problems. This way you can target specific areas for improvement. Optimizations can then be implemented based on this deep analysis of web performance measurements. Your efforts are rewarded with the best return on your optimization investment. At the same time, your app users and website visitors are rewarded with better, faster service.

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