Network application performance monitoring (NAPM)

Monitor network performance to improve user experience

NAPM (Network APM analysis) is an application-aware network performance management tool. It provides a wide-angle view of application performance by measuring 100% of transactions of 100% of users connecting to the application on the network.
NAPM offers precise analysis of the behavior of the application delivery chain for speedy identification and troubleshooting of any problem spot in your network.

Network PM

Network-based performance monitoring and diagnostics

Network APM gives you complete visibility into the state of your network: performance, network traffic analysis, and measurement of illegitimate traffic. Transactions are captured in real time, 24 hours a day, to form a detailed picture of each transaction or session along with a log of errors over time.

The solution helps you to prevent service degradations, easily detect performance problems, and diagnose any incidents on 100% of user requests.

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Users NAPM

Analyze and test the performance of network flows to optimize quality of experience

The NAPM offer conducts continuous monitoring of application transactions and measures each user’s experience of performance.

It displays objective measurements of network congestion, the impact and origin of incidents (identifying, for example, resource-hogging applications, bandwidth consumption, and more). NAPM provides factual, actionable information that translates into improvements and ensures high-quality user experience.

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Network PM analysis

Network performance management for better APM

NAPM requires no specific configuration. A network TAP (virtual or physical terminal access point) is installed non-intrusively (agentless, no change to code or other modification) to capture all application transactions. The solution monitors IP connections, TCP retransmissions, server response times, and more.

Network APM analysis reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) and lowers the risks associated with changes and upgrades prior to rollout.

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