Syntec Numérique – Eric Varszegi, VP of the software vendors’ assembly

February 19 2014

Syntec Numérique, a French syndicate of digital-sector enterprises, continues to look after the best interests of its 600 software-vendor members (whose total revenues amount to 7 billion euros), and has announced the main priorities of its “Collège des Editeurs” for 2014.  In keeping with its drive to focus energies on software and optimize the implementation of its action plan, the software vendors’ assembly has also welcomed two new vice-presidents to its ranks: Emmanuel Obadia and Eric Varszegi.


The software vendors’ assembly (“Collège des Editeurs”) gains strength with the appointment of two vice-presidents

Syntec NumeriqueTo carry out the main actions of the Collège des Editeurs throughout the year and ensure more representative governance for this very diverse assembly (world-class enterprises, SMEs, start-ups, etc.), Bruno Vanryb wished to strengthen it through the appointment of two vice-presidents to second him. Each is in charge of a specific area:

  • Emmanuel Obadia, EMEA Marketing Vice-President at, has been appointed Vice-President of the Collège des Editeurs, and is in charge of internet solutions.
  • Eric Varszegi, CEO of the ip-label group, has been appointed Vice-President of the Collège des Editeurs , and is in charge of the development of French software vendors.

« These appointments of two quality people who are recognized in our specific ecosystem will enable the Collège des Editeurs to be even more responsive, dynamic, and effective. In the same way, we plan to highlight and sustain the impressive work done by Syntec Numérique’s various Commissions and Committees: all of the issues affecting the digital world (whether regulatory, legal, fiscal, innovation, training, and so forth) are discussed there. We are also going to attach particular importance to collaborative work with other associations and organizations in our specific ecosystem », explains Guy Mamou-Mani, President of Syntec Numérique.


About Syntec Numérique
Syntec Numérique is the French syndicate of professionals and companies in the digital services sector, software vendors, and IT consulting companies. Syntec Numérique represents 1200 member companies, or 80% of the revenues of the profession. Presided since June 2010 by Guy Mamou-Mani, Syntec Numérique contributes to the development of Information and Communications Technologies and their uses, promotes software and service companies, and protects collective professional interests.