Webinar 17/11: take the pressure off your application

October 27 2016

Application testing to ease the pressure of performance

Are you preparing to launch a new application? Are your clients or staff complaining because an application is slow? Are you planning a sales promotion or event that will bring an increase in traffic to your app? If this is the case then the pressure is on for your app to perform.

load test






Optimizing user experience

Your users expect great experience however your application is configured (fat client, web, mobile). Therefore,  you must be sure that a peak in audience doesn’t bring your platform and application crashing to its knees.

Join our load testing experts on November 17 at 9h30 (CET) to find out how to take the pressure off your applications:

  • Identify the breaking point of your platform and find weaknesses.
  • Determine the need for improvements regarding capacity or components.
  • Improve quality of experience and application performance continuously.

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