Web performance measurement standards… Where do we stand now?

September 17 2013

A while back we informed you that ip-label was taking part in the W3C‘s Web Performance Working Group. This working group, part of the Rich Web Client Activity, was founded on 18 August 2010.


Web performance: Where do we stand now?

W3CThe context of the work it does is as follows: As Web browsers and their underlying engines include richer capabilities and become more powerful, web developers are building more sophisticated applications, with all of the advantages and pitfalls that such complexity implies. Developers need the ability to assess and understand the performance characteristics of their rich applications using well-defined interoperable methods.

We present below some of the projects the Web Performance group has been working on.


Part I: Navigation Timing

This first article describes a recommendation whose most recent publication is dated 17 December 2012, and is extremely useful for precise measurement of events that occur during the loading of a web page. This recommendation is called ‘Navigation Timing’.


Before NavigationTiming

Prior to the publication of this recommendation and its implementation in new generation web browsers, the JavaScript code for measuring the loading time of a web page used to be…