Webinar 19/12 : How to ensure the performance of your business applications (ERP/CRM, Citrix, office suites)

December 02 2019

Ensuring fast, smooth operation of business applications (CRM, ERP, office tools, etc.) means knowing how well the application actually performs for the people using them (user-side measurements), and the ability to detect problems in order to fix them (identify root causes), preferably before end users notice them. However, it is not easy to get the right information because enterprise application delivery chains can be complex, involving the cloud, virtualization, legacy software and other in-house particularities.

APM specialists know how to handle such complex environments. Let them tell you from experience how APM tools and services can help enterprises to improve end-user experience, keep their workforce productive, and satisfy customers. Join us at our half-hour webinar on Thursday, December 19th at 9:30 am, where we will show you the tools and services that help businesses to optimize performance and keep business apps running smoothly.

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