Webinar 25/06: Introducing Ekara RUM!

June 09 2020
Webinar Ekara RUM EN

You asked for it, you got it: say hello to Ekara RUM, our new real-user measurement solution designed to operate seamlessly with synthetic monitoring. Ekara RUM is available from the end of June, upstream of the release of the full hybrid Ekara product scheduled for this fall.

With its all-new streamlined interface and the flexibility of pay-per-use, Ekara lets you be in charge. Are your needs satisfied with simple reports, or does your organization require expert-level reporting functionalities? Ekara lets you choose.

Come aboard our webinar on Thursday, June 25th, at 9:30-10 am C.E.S.T. for a free guided tour of the brand new Ekara RUM!


Join us!