Webinar 23/02: Application performance and Shadow IT

February 02 2017

Getting Shadow IT ‘rogue’ apps under control

Shadow IT








Now more than ever before, business managers are taking the initiative to call on external providers to manage their IT solutions, without checking with the IT department first or having their choices approved beforehand. Such choices have a structural impact on the company, and therefore should be made with caution, especially in terms of security.

The Shadow IT phenomenon is making its mark on businesses. In essence it challenges the legitimacy of the IT department and fosters a parallel IT free-for-all. Under these circumstances, how can you take control of these rogue applications and bring them out from the shadows?

Our team of specialists is offering this 30-minute webinar to tackle the subject from the perspective of user experience and application performance management.


Thursday 23 February / 9:30–10 am