Webinar 27 April: Load test your apps to optimize performance

April 10 2017

When your business’s strategy and operations depend on the performance and availability of your applications, you have to ensure that your apps stay cool under pressure.


Load testing


Make sure your apps are covered against traffic spikes

Your users expect no less. Take the heat off by making sure your apps can perform smoothly under peak load. An ounce of prevention makes all the difference when you are anticipating high traffic. Load testing in advance gives you the information you need about how your app will perform under forecast stress, how well your architecture will hold up, and what your limits are. Knowing where the weak points are, you will be able to take action to cover your apps against audience peaks.

Join our webinar to find out more about ensuring smooth performance under load and how load testing has benefitted other businesses.

Thursday 27 April at 9:30