How to manage browsers to provide an optimal web experience

October 03 2017

During this month’s APM webinar we’ll take a new look at how a user’s browser can impact their online experience!


Provide perfect online experience for all users and browsers

The Internet world is a varied one when it comes to your users. Not only are visitors using different devices but they are using lots of different browsers. These days, 9 out of 10 visitors are using 8 main types of browsers.  Three big players are dominating Europe thanks to AppleMicrosoft & Google. However, several versions of each browser are used at the same time.  So what can you do to anticipate this complexity?  How can you ensure your website provides great online experience for all users regardless of their browser (or version)?

Join our experts for a 30 mins webinar on Thursday 26 October to find out:

  • Latest market trends for browsers in Europe
  • How user experience is affected by the browser
  • Which browsers currently offer the best and worst performance
  • How to optimize performance for everyone

You will also discover our exclusive study looking into performance for 4 different websites from Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Sweden)


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