Meet the team SiteScanner

Sebastian Stern, Managing Director, explains Sitescanner's mission and solutions.

Meet the team Integration and Quality

Maria José Acosta, Ernest Percival (Engineers) and Olivier Danielian (Director) introduce you...

Meet the team Shanghai

Arthur Hamon (Asia Pacific Director), Bo Yang (Pre Sales Engineer) et Yé Yang (R&D...

Meet the team Support

Allyson Kelemen, Support/Production Engineer, presents you the Support team and their mission.

Meet the team Pre-Sales and Marketing Product

Alain Gouret, Head of Product Management & Pre-Sales, introduces his team: Arnaud Bécart,...

Meet the Team Operations

Guillaume Leyronnas, Operations team Manager at ip-label, presents you his team and their...

Meet the team Consulting

Michel Fleury, Consulting Director, presents you the consulting team and their mission.