What BYOD means in terms of performance

July 29 2014

Bring your own device & user experience. BYOD, short for “bring your own device”, is a manifestation of the blurring of boundaries between personal and professional usages. A variety of issues arise from BYOD such as data security, insurance or licensing. One issue which is not addressed very often is that of performance, of the performance experienced on the user’s personal device. From this stems the question of the stakes for the IT department in terms of its service guarantees and the SLAs they draw up for such cases.


End-user experience monitoring & BYOD

The problem of performance is directly related to the user’s perception. A user working under unfavorable conditions, and who doesn’t obtain the performance he or she expects will tend to be demotivated, leading to a drop in productivity. Performance can also have an impact on the help desk. Users who are demotivated or dissatisfied with performance will tend to call the help desk very often for corrections or recommendations. The IT department must therefore provide strict and clear recommendations so that users are able operate under proper working conditions and get the results they expect.


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